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The Present, Past & Future - An Unorthodox Telling

Jul 09, 2014 - 10:45 PM - by Vanillamilk
The Present, Past & Future - An Unorthodox Telling
For your eyes, and your eyes only.

Before you continue reading, you should note that nothing I say should be taken too seriously, only taken into custody and chewed on a little.
Alot of the content on this site, or in general related to games, feel so structured and manufactured. I have taken my feet out of the box, and this is the result.
I felt like there was the need to explain this beforehand.
Viewer discretion is advised!

The original thought was to write, inform and educate the youth of twinkers about healing. I wanted to share one of my biggest passions in this game, and interpret it with my life as we went by. And how even the smallest things we do, even in such a miniature section of a game - reflects on who we are as people.
However, I had to get away from the thought, as we were restricted not to write any guide-content.

I had to dig...
Had to go a little deeper. Deep inside the cave of the twinking community...

It's dark, a stank of thick foul breath enters my lounges. I want to cough, but opening my mouth would only result in myself becoming more intoxicated. I cannot see, feel my limbs, body nor face. Yet, I feel naked, I feel alone. It hurts, something hurts. The sound of a thousand screeching whispers penetrate my skull. Moans and yells appear as hollow sounds throughout the dark cave. All my senses start adapting to the enviroment, as a bat adapts to the dark. I can
... [Read More]
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The 19 Fiesta : A Look into the 19 Bracket

Jul 09, 2014 - 5:40 AM - by Solipsist
The 19 Fiesta : A Look into the 19 Bracket

Welcome to one of the many blogs you’ll be seeing from me on Today we are going to explore the realm of 19s. It came to my intention whilst making my ‘’Restoring 19 Threads’’ that there was no basic guideline for new players coming into the bracket. So I’m going to give you my personal run down on how the bracket works. I’ll also point out tips and tricks to get your 19 twink(s) up and running.

What are 19s about? What you can expect coming into the bracket.

19s have been known as one of the most iconic brackets of twinking, with a competitive atmosphere that separates it from other twinking brackets to this day. The competitive atmosphere fuels from various aspects, the first being drama. Drama has been a huge powerhouse for 19s. One might look at ‘Drama’ as a negative point. Personally, I believe it is a huge factor in the brackets success. It has proven time and time again to create another unique interest. What other bracket has such stern rivalry between players? Rap Battles, Picnic Destruction's. You'll find no other bracket that has such heartbreaking events.

Premades are also a huge part of the competitive atmosphere. Many twinks from across the board have heard of the <Waw Tawent> vs <tRain cOw> premade. This event was a surprise to all. <Waw Tawent>, who was undefeated for years, fell to an underdog team. Guilds tried to defeat <Waw Tawent> failing time
... [Read More]
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Arenology – Twink Arena Blog, Episode 1

Jul 07, 2014 - 10:23 PM - by Bop
~The One About Trial Arenas~

- Featuring Billy, the recently dinged level 90 ready to take on the world.

When someone is asked to describe
a WoW arena enthusiast, most players have a
similar mental image form in their heads.

“Elitist”, “Try Hard”, or “Self Absorbed” all are frequently used phrases - and those are
just the polite names.

The fact is that Arena is to PvP what Heroic Raiding races are to PvE. Almost all opinions on both subjects tend to briefly touch on how stressful and hectic the pastimes are. Especially when you consider that both casual raiding (in the case of PvE) and Battlegrounds (in the case of PvP) are suitable substitutes for people who wish to enjoy either of those aspects of World of Warcraft.

Now obviously there are going to be some exclusives in choosing to do Arena over only Battlegrounds. You earn gear at a faster rate and you get shiny titles to show off your Arena prowess to all of your friends. But that doesn’t explain the spark of obsession that seems to shimmer in the eyes of some Arena players. That doesn’t explain the countless hours played past the Conquest cap, or the hundreds of guides describing team composition names that sound like preservatives banned... [Read More]
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